Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I've been tagged...

My lovely wife Katie (Another Day In Paridise) has tagged me for the 6 quirky things about me so here I go:

1) Absolutely NO ONE can try to help me or touch anything in the kitchen that is cooking or needs to be prepared unless I ask for the help. NO ONE!!! I literally chew people's heads off if they touch anything without me asking or giving permission.

2) Even though I have a nice bathroom upstairs, I choose to shower and get ready downstairs instead. Katie always asks me why. I think it's because I grew up downstairs at my mom and dad's and just prefer it that way. I also do it so I don't wake her up. I am kinda loud and don't realize it unless I'm told. (Nellie and Badge can attest to this one from vacation: Toilet seat)

3) Seat #16 (Twin's games) need I say more?

4) I love the cheese on my pizza to be just about burnt. When I order pizza from a restaurant I will have the pizza sent back to cook longer if I it isn't slightly browned.

5) I have a problem with making sure people have certain items available to eat with dinner when they invite me over. I guess you can call me a picky eater, but, I really eat anything. It's just when I eat a hot dog or burger, dammit "I want onions!"

6) And finally, (this one has been pointed out to me several times by a few of my co-workers)

2 favorite words: "I" and "Me" Ask them.

So that's all for this tagged post.

Over and out!


Greg said...


I agree with getting ready downstairs. I would never do it upstairs wehre the bedrooms are. I also would never move my closet upstairs. Unless of course we somehow got a HUGE master bath and walk in closet. Then maybe.

Don't do away with the blog. It is your outlet. I used to get pissy becuase I didn't get a lot of comments. People read, and may not leave comments. Just keep doing it. I learned that just because there are not many comments, doesn't mean there are not people there!

Raul Duke said...

I have the same thought about shitcanning the blog on a weekly basis. But, every now and then it's fun to have around. I still read it, if that helps.